About RM2k.net

RM2k.net is an effort to preserve games made with older RPG Maker game engines. Our goal is to archive an extensive database of games built with RM2k/3 and provide a space for fans to share their memories with those games.

We believe these are not just games, but vignettes of our former selves. Snapshots of time in many cases disappearing without a trace. These are tools to learn from and cherish that otherwise would be lost.


How Can I Contribute?

If you'd like to submit games, please email us.

How Is This Funded?

Everything's paid out-of-pocket. If you'd like to support RM2k.net, we are accepting donations to help cover bandwidth costs.

Who Is Responsible For This?

RM2k.net is lovingly built by @zexyu.
"If there's anything I've learned over these past 10 years, it's that, nothing lasts forever - now more than ever, everyone is very easily and willing to forget the past, especially when it comes to media on the internet. So if you ever feel the urge to back something up, do it - because it might be gone tomorrow." -LordBlueRouge

About RM2k.net

RM2k.net is a database of classic RPG Maker games. The main goal of this site is the discovery, preservation, and discussion of amateur games otherwise lost in the turn of the millennium.

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